Spherical Roller Bearings

The Industry Leader in Spherical Roller Bearings

Round roller bearings are the workhorse of industry. Utilized in areas from mining and assembling to solidify, paper items, and then some, round roller bearings keep gear chugging along as expected. Rexnord is the confided in name in round roller bearings.

We offer bearings to address each issue. Regardless of whether you’re searching for an off-the-rack arrangement or a redid, elite round roller bearing to suit your remarkable application, we have the bearings you need. Our round roller bearings are planned and worked to the best expectations and go through thorough quality testing. Rexnord offers a wide exhibit of sizes, fixing alternatives, shaft locking components, and different choices to furnish you with the right bearing for your application.

Rexnord’s round roller bearings address the issues of industry. Regardless of whether it’s a tweaked premium presentation bearing, a demonstrated workhorse bearing, or an excellent off-the-rack bearing arrangement, Rexnord has the bearings for each application.

As well as having the right portfolio, Rexnord bearings can address driving reasons for untimely bearing inability to guarantee you capitalize on your bearings. Rexnord offers choices to address both grease defilement and establishment blunders. Also, our Rex and Link Belt product offerings china Split spherical roller bearing supplier come standard with the adaptability to address normal field issues (like the requirement for higher speed limit, high temperature working conditions, vibration, commotion and shock) through minor changes that can be finished rapidly and effectively in the field.

Our top notch elite Rex round roller bearing line offers limitless customization choices to guarantee you have the best presentation in any application. Our profoundly gifted and experienced group of utilization engineers are prepared to redo a Rex bearing for your application.

Connection Belt circular roller bearings are the tough business workhorse that has demonstrated its presentation and strength all through its celebrated history. All through industry, the Link-Belt name has gotten inseparable from sturdiness.

PT Select is Rexnord’s line of top caliber off-the-rack circular roller bearings that are consistently in stock and prepared for your application. PT Select bearings are accessible in the most well-known shaft sizes and lodging setups, offering phenomenal benefit and turnaround time.

For each application, Rexnord has you covered with roller bearings that fulfill and surpass industry guidelines in all cases. Rexnord gives absolute framework bearing answers for each circumstance.