Guide To The Types Of Makeup Brushes And How To Use Them In 2021

Typically shaped like a paintbrush but is slightly denser with firm bristles and is usually made of synthetic fibers. I use this type of brush for concealer under the eyes, as well as cream eye shadow. First, I will share a complete list of different makeup brushes and their uses. The reason I created this chart, is so you are able to walk into a store and know what you are looking at.

I’ve created entire eye makeup looks with just that brush because you can just flip the triangular-shaped brush to another side when you want to switch shades. Applying eye shadow is so intimidating that most of my friends doesn’t even mess with the stuff. I’ve never be able to understand their apprehension because I’ve always had an appreciation for makeup brushes.

The MAC 213 Fluff Brush ($24) is the big sister of the Mini Shader, and so versatile; it’s amazing at applying shadow wet and dry, and blends like an absolute dream. The perfect blush brush is the difference between flawlessly rosy cheeks and Bozo the Clown—and nobody wants to be Bozo the Clown. We love Estee Lauder’s Blush Brush 15 ($36); it applies the ideal amount of product to your cheeks and blends like a literal dream. Your eyes have better things to do than be weighed down by heavy shadow.

Sigma is a popular brand of makeup brushes because of the high quality and reasonable price point compared to most luxury brands. This set includes five brushes for foundation, concealer, blush, and powder application. The super-soft brushes are synthetic, vegan, cruelty-free, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic.

Versatility brush set with all sizes and shapes, Great for contouring, blending, shading and highlighting, help you create a smooth & flawless looking easily. Have under-eye circles or blemishes you need to camouflage? This little concealer brush got perfect scores for being gentle on skin and easy to maneuver, with bristles that are “soft enough to feather out” for a natural-looking finish. One tester said that although it’s a little small for the under-eye area, it’s particularly “excellent for blemishes,” since it packs pigment on well, which is the most important quality in a concealer brush. “Natural fiber brushes are usually made from some form of animal hair and are porous, so they trap more product,” says Edwin Batista, director of education at Dr. Hauschka. Plus, brushes made with animal hair can be an allergen trigger, and since they’re porous, they can only be used with powder products, says Beauty Lab senior chemist, Sabina Wizemann.

In this case, these brushes are also legitimately Japanese — made in Kumano, which, as I’ve written before, is the world headquarters for the highest quality makeup brushes. There’s even an interesting photo essay here about how The Collection is made. If you don’t have any other brush in your arsenal- this is the perfect starting brush. Although it’s usually used for applying shadow to the crease, it’s great for concealing and blending as well.

Unfortunately, Real Techniques does not offer a very complete full face set in their product line, so My Brush Betty could not recommend it here. In fact, I am mystified that they don’t offer a full face set. Your very first thought on these might be how much they resemble Real Techniques brushes. The website, unfortunately, does not say specifically what these are made of, although the brand does note that is is partners with PETA in the Caring Consumer Project. I’m assuming then, that they don’t use real animal hair in the brushes, although they aren’t as explicit about it in their marketing materials as they ought to be, if that’s the case.

You might as well quit your full-time job and start charging your friends for all the makeup advice and tips you dole out (if you haven’t already). This is probably because you run to the makeup counter every time a new product drops, not to mention you’ve got every trendy eyeshadow palette out there and a sea of well-loved lipsticks. A fanatic such as yourself should have a brush collection stacked to the nines.

If you’re solely on the hunt for a new eye makeup brush set, this quality kit gives you the most bang for your buck. The 24-piece kit includes brushes for shading, blending, lining, and even combing your lashes and brows. The shed-free brushes can be used with powder, cream, or liquid makeup, and they’re all constructed with sturdy wooden handles. Synthetic bristles are usually made out of nylon and polyester. These are the perfect option for those who are looking for cruelty-free products that are also vegan.

They look like artist brushes which we love because aren’t we all creating masterpieces with our makeup brushes? All the brushes are labeled, well crafted, and of high quality. The ferrules feature a corrosion-resistant sigma-alloy and a precious metal plating for enhancing shine and strength.

That means building on your collection as a semi-professional to full expert level with these brushes, ahead. Let’s be honest, you’re not one to get crazy with the makeup. A little tinted moisturizer, some blush, maybe a swipe or two of mascara, and you’re out the door! Instead of using your fingers to blend everything in, get yourself a solid stack of tools. The basics include a foundation brush, concealer brush, powder brush and a blush brush that also works for bronzer.

It is pricey, but it will last forever with proper care and you have one really good quality brush for all of your powder products. BLUSH, POWDER, BRONZER BRUSH

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BH Cosmetics Eye Essential Set – These brushes are super soft, great quality, and do an amazing job at blending out your eyeshadow. This affordable set comes with everything you need for creating a basic eye makeup look and is great for beginners. EcoTools 360 Ultimate Blend Brush Set – If you want your foundation to look flawless, then you need to buy this affordable makeup brush set. The densely packed brush heads blend everything out effortlessly and the velvet soft texture feels amazing on the skin.